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The scientific journal “GULANI - Linguistics, Literature Studies, Onomastic and Education” is the international, scientific peer reviewed publication. The aim of the journal is to provide the scientific society with the information about the latest studies in Humanities ( Study of Literature (Theory of Literature; General and Comparative Study of Literature, History of Literature); Linguistics (Theoretical and Historical Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Text Linguistics, Dialectology; Onomastic) and Education (educational administration and educational management, theory of education, educational history, educational policy, curriculum studies, educational technology systems, learning and teaching, pedagogies, special education, teacher education, testing and evaluation). There are also published papers of international scientific studies and conference (forums, symposiums etc.) reports about scientific expeditions and reviews.
The journal is designed as a modern scientific publication, which intends to popularize the Georgian scholarly achievements in the field of humanities and education and to familiarize Georgian academic circles with the current international studies in the field of humanities and education. A Board of Editors (Chief Editor, Deputy Editor and Technical Editor), whose members are highly qualified local and foreign researchers of the corresponding branches, leads the publishing of the journal. The journal is designed for the following specialists - Professors, Scientists and PhD students of the humanities and educational fields/subfields. 
The publishing of the scientific journal is based on the decision of the Academic Council of Samtskhe-Javakheti State University.


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