The Law Faculty


The Goals and Objectives of the Law Faculty:

The Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes of the Law Faculty ensure preparation of specialists according to the cycles which enables students to obtain both theoretical and practical knowledge and scientific-research skills according to the national and international standards for each cycle of a higher education of law.

Bachelor’s programme of law aims to prepare a qualified specialist with academic degree in law, to teach them the mission law in a public and state life, develop skills for juridical research and other professional competences.

The Bachelor’s programme provides students with the knowledge and understanding of juridical issues and teaches how to apply the obtained knowledge in the real life situations. A student will acquire the skills and techniques necessary for a lawyer to solve the legal problems independently, to apply the obtained knowledge in the practice and the ability to establish professional ethics and legal values. 

Students have the opportunity to conduct the mock court processes in the hall designed specifically for mock procedures which is the best way to obtain practical skills.

The signed Memorandums of Understanding give students the possibility to have the practice in the following organizations and strengthen their knowledge:

- The Supreme Court of Georgia;
- Local Civil Court;
- Chamber of Notaries;
- Training Center of Justice;
- The Association of Lawyers;
- The Central Election Commission;
- Akhaltsikhe Municipality.

The Bachelor of Law Programme can be employed in public, corporate, non-governmental and international organizations. 

In order to be a lawyer, prosecutor or judge a Bachelor of Law Programme should pass the exams in specialty.

The employment field can be determined after completing the educational programme of the concrete cycle. The precondition to be employed in specific field is to pass a state certification exams.

The Bachelor of Law Programme will have an opportunity work on the position where the Master’s degree is not required. At the same time the undergraduate of a Bachelor's programme is entitled to pursue studying on Master's programme.