The Faculty of Business Administration

The Goals of the Faculty of Business Administration are:

- to prepare the business specialists according to the modern standards who will be able to perform successful management skills in corporate, academic, public and non-governmental organizations;
- to study theoretical and practical aspects of management and give students the skills for professional career enabling them to be flexible in constantly changing labour market.

The Faculty of Business Administration has three cycles of higher education: Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral. And also vocational programmes.

Bachelor’s Programmes:

- Business Administration (Accounting, Management, Finances)


Minor Porgrammes:

- Business Administration

Master’s Programmes:

- Business Administration (Audit, Agro-Business Management, Real Estate Administration)

Doctoral program:


Vocational Programmes:

- Accounting, IV cycle
- Agro-business management, IV cycle

Programmes of Business Administration enable students to develop:

- Independent and critical thinking;
- Applying knowledge in practice;
- Decision-making skill;
- Skill to express own opinion;
- Relevant understanding of the social-economical, financial, accounting, business processes, managerial, marketing studies and information about the financial management and apply the knowledge in the practice;

- Skill of analyzing and structuring the problems of the companies;
- Skill of developing and managing the projects;
- Skill of developing and planning tourism business

Employment Opportunity:

- For and non-profit organizations, accounting, tax, audit and inception fields;
- Financial, bank and credit organizations; system of Ministry of Economy Development;
- Local and municipality civil service centers;
- National Agency of Public Registry System;
- Private business consulting services; various business structures.

Faculty opportunities:

- Study rooms equipped with modern infrastructure;
- Library with modern textbooks, computers connected to internet and supportive atmosphere for studies;
- Laboratory for teaching and practical use of finances and accounting;
Material resources of the faculty are located in the II building of the university (122 Rustaveli str. Akhaltsikhe).