temp gakOn May 6th, from 14:00 till 17:00 the students’ activity – “Cultural Diversity is Our Power” – was held in the framework of international project TEMPUS (DOIT). The activity was prepared by Gulnara Janova, Associated Professor.
First and Second Course students of English Language Department have presented the history of establishment, culture and traditions of Georgian, Armenian, Greek, Jewish, Ukrainian and Russian people residing in Samtskhe-Javakheti. The students have made the presentations on the background of ethnic cuisine and the national dances were presented too. The event was held by third course students of English Philology: Manana Kokhodze and Riphsime Kananian. Professor Tina Gelashvili the manager of the project and Maka Beridze, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Maia Kukchishvili, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences and Associated Professor Vasil Mosiashvili, Vice-Rector have summed up the event. They have mentioned once again the importance of multi-cultural education and its necessity for the future generation.