From February the 28th untill March the 4th, 2017 Rector of Samtskhe-Javakheti State University Prof. Merab Beridze, Deputy Rector in Scientific Affairs, Associate Prof. Maka Kachkachishvili-Beridze and Prof. Roin Kavrelishvili visited the Fund, Library and Archive of Georgian Catholics Church for the scientific purposes. The aim of the visit was to introduce with the materials preserved in the archive for further studies.
Although the visit was relatively short it turned out to be extremely interesting, important, successful and emotional. Still today in Istanbul Mr. Paul Zazadze and his family diligently continue the great work initiated by the honorable Georgians – Pavle and Simon Zazadze. For the future they plan to equip the Fund with latest standards.
Mr. Paul Zazadze and Rector of the University have agreed that scientific contacts will continue in the framework of the memorandum and the future plans will be carried out as well. Professors brought with them photographic samples of small part of preserved materials for further exploration at the university.

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