Let us inform that three Scientific International Journal have been running in Samtskhe-Javakheti State University. Journals are in English language. Please notice that author should presented the English language paper in APA format. It is also acceptable to get the translated paper in one additional language (Georgian, Russian, German, Turkish, Ukraine, Armenian and so on) English and one other language up to you. Highly qualified, expert reviewers meet the objectives of the Peer-Review Process from different countries. Our peer-review policies are highly appreciated, accepted and adaptable to the criteria that have been prescribed by the international agencies.



    The journal “History, Archaeology, Ethnology” is international, scientific peer reviewed electronic publication. The aim of the journal is to provide the scientific society with information about latest researches in history, archaeology and ethnology. Also it publishes scientific researches in the following fields/subfields: Prehistory, The History of the Ancient World, Medieval History, Modern and Contemporary History, History of Civilization, History of Religion, Social and Economic History, History of Diplomacy, History of Political Thought, Art History, The  Philosophy of History, Source Studies,The History  of Historical Thought, Historiography, Chronology, Historical Geography, Genealogy, Heraldry, Metrology, Glyptic, Numismatics, Bonistics, Paleography, Diplomatics, Sphragistics, Epigraphy, Mythology, Archaeology, Ethnography, Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology.

  • Astronomy & Astrophysics (CAUCASUS)

    The journal “Astronomy & Astrophysics (Caucasus)” is an international, scientific peer-reviewed electronic publication. The purpose of the journal is to provide the scientific society with the information about the latest researches in astronomy and astrophysics. The technical parameters of the articles submitted to the “Astronomy & Astrophysics (Caucasus)” are similar to those of the articles published in the US leading international scientific journals. Only the original astronomical and astrophysical articles after with a positive review will be published in the journal.

    The journal also publishes papers of international scientific conferences (forums, symposiums, etc.), reports of scientific expeditions and reviews.