A unique opportunity to develop multicultural relationships and share “global” knowledge – US Depol University in Chicago

The University of Depol in Chicago USA offers a link to the Global Learning Experience (GLE) application form.

It is an opportunity to share learning experience in which students at a single university interact with a partner foreign university student using the technology resources available for distance learning to achieve their specific goals and results. The projects are nominally compiled and range from a simple shared assignment / module to a full-fledged joint course. The coincidence of such courses may take place between two similar courses or between complementary courses within an interdisciplinary framework.

This fall, Depol pre-connects lecturers for a three-week training session starting January 31st. If you are interested, fill out this simple form to begin the process: https://offices.depaul.edu/global-engagement/partnerships/programs-for-partner-institutions/Pages/Expression-of-interest.aspx

After expressing interest, the program director, Ross Leon, will try to connect you with a lecturer of a similar course at the University of Depol. After connecting with a partner lecturer, you will formulate the ideas of a joint project as a result of mental assault. Later, you will attend online training and learn how to apply for a project application. After the training, you and your partner lecturer will submit an application and, if the project is approved, will start implementing the project in the spring of 2022 or later.

If no matching lecturer can be found before the online training session, Ross will try to contact you before the next training session.