Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University was founded in 1990. Since its inception, a branch of the Faculty of Economics has been established in the branch, which has one specialty – “Production Economics, Organization and Management”. In 1996, another specialty was added – Agribusiness Management. Since 1997 the Faculty of Economics, along with the existing specialties, has been represented by the following specialties: Finance and Banking, International Economic Relations, Customs Organization and Management, since 1999 the specialty – “Ecology and Environmental Management” has been added.


The Faculty of Land Management was established in 2000, and since 2005 the faculties of Land Management and Economics have been merged and a new faculty has been established, called the Faculty of Business and Management. Since March 2011, the Faculty of Business and Management has been renamed the Faculty of Business Administration in accordance with the requirements of the National Qualification Framework.


     Since 1995 (I Issue) Faculty has awarded 2118 students with Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Business Management and Master’s Degree, 60-70% of whom are employed mainly in the region (Samtskhe-Javakheti) as well as in various organizations of the country.


She has completed a full Master’s Degree course from 2010 to present and has completed 120 Master’s Degrees in Auditing, Agribusiness Management and Real Estate Administration.


The faculty is represented in the II and III blocks of the university (Akhaltsikhe, 122 Rustaveli, Akhalkalaki 119, Rustaveli).


The faculty consists of the Faculty Board and the Faculty Administration (Dean, Deputy Dean, Quality Assurance / Specialist, Faculty Secretary).


   Main activities of the Faculty:


The faculty implements the following educational programs:


Vocational Education Program:


  1. A) Accounting (Step V)



  1. A) Business Administration
  1. B) Economics
  1. C) Business Administration (minor)

Master’s Degree:

Business Administration



The Faculty has the following directions:


  1. A) accounting; B) management; C) finance d) economics and statistics.

            Each course and educational program is coordinated by the course director, who is selected by the relevant academic staff of the Faculty Board. It shall be responsible for the proper conduct of educational and scientific activities in the field. Currently the faculty is represented by 7 professors, 11 associate professors, 3 invited doctorates.

At the undergraduate level there are currently 448 undergraduate students, including 142 undergraduates in Akhalkalaki, where the undergraduate program in economics is implemented. 21 undergraduate students study and 7 PhD students, 4 of whom are invited teachers of the Faculty of Business Administration.

Since 2015 Doctor of Economics program has been launched. The Faculty considers as one of its main duties the issues of staff recruitment, recruitment and further scientific growth. Special attention should be paid to the professional development of academic staff and the management of qualification programs.

Scientific activities at the faculty are also well represented. A collection of scientific papers “Economics, Business, Governance” is released, which, according to the decision of the Faculty Board, is moving towards the new standards and these standards will be in line with the international standards applied to the scientific work.

For the first time since the Unified Entry Exams, there is a bachelor’s degree competition, as well as a master’s and doctoral program, which reaffirms the high demand for faculty education programs and promotes faculty competitiveness.

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