Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

The modern education system should provide highly qualified specialists capable of integration into the international space and personal self-realization. In the face of global competition, quality education remains a crucial factor in society’s vital value, prosperity, social justice, political stability and national security.


The faculty, in the conditions of academic freedom and institutional autonomy, conducts study programs and scientific research.


 Provides up-to-date, future-oriented education in various disciplines of science and continuously strives to improve educational and scientific conditions.


. Therefore, the most important strategic goals and objectives of the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences are:


  1. Ensure access to modern education and access to up-to-date education. Training of competitive and highly qualified specialists in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies;
  1. Development of a permanent education policy and widespread use of modern management methods;
  1. Establishment of a modern system of continuous education to increase the training and retraining of scientific, pedagogical and professional staff;
  1. Improve learning conditions and support the development of new technologies

The following educational programs are implemented at the Faculty:


Undergraduate Programs:


. Georgian Philology


. History


. Primary education


. English philology


Additional programs:


. Georgian Philology


. English philology


. Russian Philology


. Turkish Philology


. History


. Teacher training program


Integrated Undergraduate Program (300 credits)


. Integrated Undergraduate Teacher Training for Primary Education Teacher


Masters Degree:


. Kartvelian Linguistics


. History of Georgian Literature


. History of Georgia


Professional programs:


. Kindergarten teacher-professional program.


Other Applications:


. Educational Program in Georgian Language (60 credits)

. Teacher Training Program (60 credits)


The teaching process is led by highly qualified professors, 7 full professors, 22 associate professors and 2 assistant professors. Their scientific and pedagogical activities are based on modern teaching methods, student and result oriented teaching.

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