“Student Self-Government” is a representative body of students of Samtskhe-Javakheti State University, elected through universal, equal and secret elections.

Student self-governments, according to the faculties, are elected for two-year terms. The university administration has no right to interfere or influence the activities of the student self-government and its independence.

Student Self-Goals:

Protect and represent the interests of students;

To support students in protecting, strengthening, and practicing their rights and freedoms, their legitimate interests;

Assist students in obtaining highly qualified education, self-realization and independent thinking.

To promote students’ level of civic education and respect for the law; To support the establishment of democratic values ​​in Georgia and the establishment of civil society.

Student self-government consists of governing bodies and departments.

Student Self Governing Bodies are:

     Student Self-Government General Assembly;


To fulfill the goals of the student self-government, 5 departments are created in the student self-government:

    Department of Education and Science;

    Department of Public Relations;

    Department of Student Rights Protection;

    Department of Culture;

    Department of Sport.

 Student Self-Departments and Services

In order to fulfill the goals of self-government, 5 departments are created in the student self-government:

  1. A) Department of Education and Science;
  2. B) Public Relations Department;
  3. C) Department of Student Rights Protection;
  4. D) Department of Culture;
  5. E) Department of Sport;

President of Student Self-Government: Mirza Burdzenidze, student of the Faculty of Law

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